Friday, February 24, 2012

4rd year student..

hari ni dgn rajinnya da siap sampul all statutes..
semangat la pasni nk study bila tngok cantik je buku tu..
buku2 text pun da beli..
da boleh buat nota..
hehe suka2..
sem ni agak interesting
coz would have to apply everything yg da blaja since first year..
it was not easy but then i did learning something new..
and improve myself..
hope i can perform well.
and hope this semester smuenya berjalan dgn lncar in everything...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

spent for my hobby!! reading babe..:)

ive spent rm 100 out of rm 200 of the voucher ..bought the statutes for 4th year..
all together 6 kind of statutes..
1)Evidence Act
2)Subordinate Courts Act
3)Court of Judicature Act
4) Legal Profession Act
5)Federal Territory Syariah Laws
6)Criminal Code..

the only statute that i dont have yet is Rules of High Court..out of stock..huhu
so today there was a book fair in front of the library...
i went there with Aina ..with intention to buy the statute..
but then i end up bought novels..
worth rm50..heheheee

im gonna find one right time to read these novels...
take time to enjoy ..because i read fast!!..
rm50 more...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MY mom

the best woman ever in my life is MAK..
the one who non-stop loving,caring,willing to sacrifice everything for her husband,daughters,sons..
im impressed with what u have done all this while..
no words can describe how im thankful to Allah to have Mak in my life...
im proud to be your daughter,mak..
i love my Mak..
im sure all of u also love your mother...