Friday, March 30, 2012

far away

people never know...
and me too never want to share..
then where else should i go..
the burden in my heart seems never go away..
where else to go when home itself no longer a peace place..
the smile is not real..
the tears never want to stop..
i just can be me..
a person who tell lies in action..
i might run away..
doesnt want to face this anymore..
but where?
no one knows..
no one understand..
to let it be is not the solution..
yes im hiding myself...
i just wanna live my life..
then why should i have to face all this?
ive been test by Allah hardly this time..
i know...He never test test me if im unable to face and settle it..
i can..but deep in my heart.. im suffers...

Thursday, March 29, 2012


in my life i only hate 2 person the most..
and thanks for what u did just now..
there gone my assignment...and now i have to do it back..
in front of abah u can treat me bad..what else behind him..
fine !! what u did u will get back..
that's why your life is like but got expelled!! works but never permanent.. deserve that..

Allah knows

for whatever happen, I just can let it be..
May Allah show me the way..the best way..
coz only He knows..
and i believe.. for whatever happen..there's hikmah..
bad things happen for a me to think positive...
to ignore is not a human nature(fitrah)
but to let it be with own efforts, I think that's the best..
there's so much things to do in this world..
happiness is for us to find..

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the pain..

it's not that i dont realize..not that i dont regret..
but i still remember...
the pain is stil here..
it's not that i dont love him whom i have now..
i just cant forget Qai..
time still cant cure the pain..
cant erase the memories...
cant bring me courage to forget..
and sometimes i still become stalker..
look at his fb..the only way i can do..coz i dont want to contact him anymore..his number also gone..
there's still tears..when suddenly the memories came..
and the pictures..i still keep it..
i know i can forget him if i just erase it..but i just cant..
how stupid i am..
the worst thing to know fall in love with u..and have a broken heart because of you..


it been 6 days but i still cant finish my assignment..
why i found these soo difficult?
well coz at home, its a holiday!! haahahaaa
can i finish all these??
pray for me friends....:P

Saturday, March 10, 2012


yesterday i hang out with my friend Areda Secret Recipe..
coz i was craving for cakes..
ummphh yummy..
and i had enough with the cakes..4 slices with different flavour..
and of course i had my favourite one-blueberry cheese cake..

yeah happy2  after having stress this whole week..huh
now have to go back to campus life-study..
there's so much things to do..huhuuu

Sunday, March 4, 2012

get through...

for all the things that i've been through..i did thankful..
yes it painful but there's some happiness too.
that is life..
we can't expect more to have a perfect life..
to have everything fun,good..
coz that wouldnt make me strong at the end..
i love everyone who love me ..just ignore the one who make u feel bad..

Thursday, March 1, 2012


can i ever believe in a relationship?
would it be another betray?
could i ever be happy?
or should i just be alone?