Wednesday, May 29, 2013

the real me..

people might see me tough and strong ..
yes i am..but sometimes i cry..
i cry because that is the only way for me to express my ease the burden in my heart..
people dont know..they can just talk..
i miss aina..aini..ita..kak da...
they are the best listener..the best when i need someone to talk to..
but now i just cry in silence..
and here..i can write anything i wanted to..
so plis..dont judge me..u dont know me...
but im thankful that i can still feel happy with what i have.even though it doesnt perfect..
i feel like im the mother, im the father..but u know what?
im tired..exhausted..
sometimes i just dont want to think about others..
i just want to think about myself..
to do everything just to please myself..
but my responsibilities are to big.
im handling this myself..
and again..people dont know..
im still like other teenagers who want to enjoy the life..
but i cant..
i cry..always cry..
but it makes me stronger...independent..
and i hope i will be truly happy 1 day..
be loved and feel love..

Monday, May 27, 2013

kata-kata xserupa bikin...

kau kate kau syg..
tp kau sakitkan..
kau kata kau rindu..
tp kau xhiraukan..
kau kata kau mahu..
tp kau xpasti..
apakah kau mahu?
kau sendiri xtahu..

p/s:- hati sendiri, jaga sendiri..dan akulah hati yg kau sakiti..haha...

Thursday, May 23, 2013


sudah mula bosan chambee.
why? why this is happen to me?aiyoo..
minat ke xminat sbnrnye ni??
aduhai..please bertahan..9 bln saje..SAJE???

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


today i submitted my written submission for divorce case..
together with the draft of will..
of course i try to do my best..
but i am not the will was not perfect..
there's amendment here and there and im frustrated..disappointed..
it is not up to his expectation i guess..
although i do it according to his sample..still..not perfect..
so sample is just a sample..
.if u are wrong by doing it according to the sample, i think, i am not totally wrong..huhu(ayt nk sedapkan hati yg keciwa)
today im  bored..nothing much to do..
just study about bankruptcy...
ok bye...

Saturday, May 4, 2013

let's vote people!

Yeah tomorrow for the first time in my life, im gonna vote for general excited!
I will vote for...secret!!
Everyone has right to vote and right to choose which party they like.. is up to your guys whether this time it should be 'ini kalilh kita ubah' or stay with the current..
And of course I choose....tetttttt..haha..
Anyway whatever it is we are Malaysian..together as one living in this lovely country..
Just accept the result with open heart and be a good citizen..okay?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

success interview..

Today I went for an interview at a law firm..
My friend ceema suggest me to go there..
Yeah it was a last minute plan but I decided  to try..who knows I might get the job..
During the interview I was soo nervous..
But I pray to Allah and hope that i got the job..
Guess what!!! I got the last..
So hopefully in this 9 months time, everything is gonna be fine..
And I will be a lawyer..yes..a lawyer..
Tq for all support ..
This is just the beginning of my career life..
I will do my best insyaAllah..