Thursday, January 31, 2013

new page of life...

may Allah bless me and all person i love.. :)

p/s- to have a beautiful life, it is u yourself to determine..the way already provides by Allah..u have to find it and make your own decision..pray to Him..and Allah will make it easier for u ..insyaAllah...

cukuplah cinta Allah bagiku...redha...

air mata

titisan air mata ini.. unofficially graduated from IIUM(xofficial lg sbb xkonvo g)
sush senang selama ni terbls alhamdulillah..
bygkn 6 thn sekolah rendah..5 thn sekolah mnengah
matriks 1 1/2..main kmpus 4 thn..
total=16 1/2 thn belajar..
Ya Allah..xterkira dugaannya..
dgn pengalaman sekali repeat paper time matriks n sekali kt main kampus..
dan kali ini Allahuakbar!! lulus...
thanks to all especially my family..
even though mcm2 dilalui I am..stronger..
kan Allah xkn bg ujian kpd hamba Nya klau dia xmampu..
i prove that i can...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

holiday -penang with friends!!

me with another 8 friends plan this holiday about 2 months before our last final exam..
more fun than the graduation dinner which I was intended not to go..
the PM was Zeema...hee(bab jln mmg dia la)..
at first she plan to go to Pulau Pangkor but then Penang became our destination because it was the hometown of one of our friends-fairuza..
we went there by train (from KL Sentral to Butterworth)
our journey began from 2300-0600
exhausted but it's fun to be with d friends.

FROM LEFT-shu,zeema,tiqa n sally

Me n dayah...(farah missing from d pic.hee)

dlm feri with zeema


cntik kn
 here some of the pics..we are having so much fun here..with fairuza as the tourist..huhu (her uncle n aunty actually)


miss everyone...ok..i've got job interview next monday..pray for me!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013