Sunday, April 29, 2012

Skor A

today this morning i went out with a guy i know from Tagged..
coincidentally because he said he was in my university, having a program.
so we met and just have a drink..talked...and then he started to promote his SKOR A
this is a kind of MLM business but it looks good because it based on education..
and even the Ministry of Education supported this .
i listened to his explanation..even it a little bit bored..
coz im not interested to join..
but just to give him opportunity to introduce this to me, i just listened..
and at the end, he persuade me to join ..for a package of RM 796..if im not mistaken..
the point is, no matter how good it is, i just have no interest ..
it is not denying this..
but to be in this program, im not ready..
he said degree cant give me guarantee to get a job later..
if i join this SKOR A, i would get a better, bright future..
yes..this also right ..i saw it..but,,
im not ready..
i have a mission, vision, a plan..of what im gonna do in my life..for my future..
yes i like business..
people said even if u have interest in doing something, that also not guarantee you can be success..
i know that to..
but for me, i have my dream..i have my way...
i dont think i will regret not to take a simple way to be rich..
i just live challenge..
and this is me..
what people said we cant follow blindly.
it is for yourself to decide..
and it is on my decision..
for you guys out there, you decide for your own benefit...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

me in 10 years

i was thinking what am i in 10 years?
am i a lawyer?
can i success in life?
am i married??to whom?
i dont know ..i just dont feel like im gonna be a lawyer for the rest of my life..
i think i want to have a business...
to be a lawyer..maybe just for a few years..
and im gonna settle down after i have some going to do a business..
what kind of business?
i love aina's business..
im thinking of be her partner..
great isnt it?
yeah..slowly i will achieve my dream..:)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

going crazy.

i stalked him..again..
i just...i dont know..
i listen to the songs..
and i can feel it...feel the
uhh stop it..
i wonder when i will stop doing this crazy thing..
maybe im just..lonely...
he's away...
but i know that's not a good reason..
come to your sense girl..
i will...i will..

Monday, April 23, 2012

trust..not something easy to give away..

yesterday was the exhausting day ever...i thought so.
i've to do 2 works at 1 time..and both were assignments that i have to submit today..
coz why?
my partner in the group did not do his part and i've to take over that.. easy to live huh..
that's why it was hard for me to trust people with work.
whenever i gave them work to do, at the end I still did the same and i would combined the work.
im afraid that he or she did not make it..
my work wouldnt perfect but at least I have a back up then right..
I dont understand n how a student can have no time to do their assignments but at the same time feel freely to join society activities..
im very happy if u can balance your life dude..
dont make other people difficult for u coz im gonna do the same if u do that to me..
you wouldnt have the marks..oppss sorry..
by the way im happy coz i got 14/15 for my land law group assignments
and 11/15 for my jurisprudence mid semester test..
well at least there's something that can make me happy.
im gonnna try hard for this semester too..
i know i can do it..
pray for me friends...:)


since u were there
i was alone... ending..

Friday, April 20, 2012

selfish..not in list..

i cant stand with people who only belong to their own groups..
not mingle around with others.. all not in my list too
how can people be so selfish..only concerned with their own matters?
people like this cant be a leader..
hey not even leader..not worth to be a friend.
coz who knows she or he could be 'musuh dlm selimut'-stab their own people..
huh..what a mess..

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

complicated life...

right now im busy doing my Investigation Paper(IP)..murder case..
given 2 weeks to finish it..but im just done the introduction part only..
doing it with my partner,Adam..
he looks okey..means..can be depend on..
well sounds pretty good to have good partner..
im also bz with my business..
im selling Tupperware..agent under my aunt..huhu..
not easy to divide time to do business and study..
im thinking to clear all the stocks before the end of this semester..
so that I can have some pocket money..
abah had complained that i spent too much lately...
yeah coz i did buy external hard disk, went out every
it's just soo stress to spend time in this room study..
i need rest..
but now he had transferred to Butterworth..
means no more date for a while..
urm....enough for the date..focus on study.. many things to do..
just do it 1 by one...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

this is life..

im kind of bz lately..
with dozens of assignment to catch up the deadline..exams..
i feel like wanna go to holiday...even just come back from holiday..haha
or maybe im just get this enough.
but life wouldnt be that easy..
u just cant hope to live easy life..
having  leisure time all the times..
can i?huhu
sometimes i feel life is too hard to get through
i wanna good life..without need to struggle soo much..
but then if i want to have that, i have to work hard now..
study hard to get a better life right..
owh been 1 year and 7 months between me and amirul...
i just dont want to remember the past..
want to forget Qai..just dont know how...
just live my life ..
hoping to have this current relationship goes well..
and my study ..
ughhhh hard to say..
sometimes have no mood ..coz soo many things to do..
being a student is hard enough..what more when work later..