Friday, December 21, 2012


when im thinking about the future, of course it involved my present right?
everything or some of my present things,persons could be the important one in my future..
therefore, i couldnt neglect to consider and to decide...
what i want, what i shouldnt..
and it seems that im not matured enough to see what is good and what is bad..
coz im often blindly do what i want..even though it is not a right thing to do..
just one thing to bear in mind...
dont do something that will makes u regret later...
hold what u have...but dont hold it tightly..coz u might be hurt when u lose it..
im kinna difficult to make a decision..
what should i let hold...or just let it be..
well im not gonna tell u all what it is about..heeee
actually im afraid to decide...
afraid if it was wrong...afraid if this is gonna be a bad thing for me in the future..
but i have strong feeling for this...
ok even though it was more to i should let it go..but...arhhhhh
my mistake...
hey i was just remember...
the first choice is always the best...
so..should i follow this ??
i dont even know..

love this...

abg nyanyi lagu nih..
nice voice...
cant forget the way u sing this for me...huhuu

Saturday, November 10, 2012

never want to say goodbye...

people meet..knowing each other...
begin the new relationship...
some with hope..some with dreams...
some involve the feeling of love...
nobody think that it would end one day...
me..loving someone...always want it to last forever..
never want to say goodbye...
but the destiny is not ours to decide...
the one everyone afraid the most..
so people..
appreciates everyone in your life...
before you lost them without you realize...
so that u wouldnt regret...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

tiada manusia yg sempurna...

byk ragamnya..ada begitu..bgini...
belum tentu kita suka....
tapi kita juga begitu sbnrnya...
dlm kesibukan kita mencari dan mengiakan kesalahan org lain,prnhkah kita terfikir...
kita juga sama...
cuma situasi berbeza...
mslh aku semester ni,roommates..
dpt junior yg suka buat hal sendiri..but it should be ok..
just no respect to senior...itu mslhnya...
mcm2 lah ragamnya..
kdg2 sakit hati..tapi aku cuba letakkan diri di situasi mereka...
yang boleh tolerate,aku diamkan...
yang melampau,i've no choice but to say it loud...
tp sbg manusia..bukankah sikap toleransi dan memahami itu perlu...
what u give, u'll get it back..
what goes around,comes around...
yg muda hormat yg lebih tua..yg tua perlu memahami yg muda...
jgn ikutkan hati...jgn ikutkan rasa...
tapi cuba muhasabah diri...
mcm2 lg mslh sekarang ni sbnrnya...
oleh itu blog ni lama x diupdate...
im just gonna be patience...
smua mslh insyaallah ada jwpnnya...
ini dugaan..
berat tp ini realiti...moga dipermudahkan..
coz all this makes me exhausted...
sgt penat..:(

Saturday, September 22, 2012

dont be greedy..

never be greedy..
bear in mind-practising sedeqah can guarantee a good life..
in fact, when u are actually in a financial difficulties and thinking that nothing can help u,do more sedeqah..
because your property will increase..your rezeki would always be there as you have been blessed by ALLAH for your good deed..
believe me that being greedy brings you nothing..
maybe just satisfaction for what u have in your possession as others may have nothing..
not only sedeqah in terms of money or property but in seeking knowledge..
helping your friends in work or study also a sedeqah..
simple right?
the more u give, u can get more rewards from Allah...

Monday, September 10, 2012

my final semester

im now in my final semester...4rd year student..
it feels like a dream..
it's like yesterday that i registered in this university and suddenly here i semester..
i've learnt a lot..experienced different things.
i hope to perform well this time..
i passed all subjects in the last semester final exam..
alhamdulillah...really thankful to ALLAH.. consider what i should be in the future..
in the government or private sector..a lawyer or other profession..
everything i do..i hope can contribute to my's for them..
my father and my mother smile is the most important thing for me..
i want them to be happy and it is okay if i have to work hard..
coz i love them..
very much...
may ALLAH bless me..aminn...

Sunday, July 1, 2012


currently i was working as a cashier at.......
cant mention..hee..
well, it's a great experience to have except on the part where you will get upset easily with the customer..
"can i have another plastic bag?".."hey dont put this here ...bla..bla..bla...."
i hate it when it goes like that..
and the worst part was when people dont know how to treat and talk nicely to others...
i cant tolerate it anymore especially when this girl criticize me in front of customers..for what i didnt do..
hey step just the sales assistant!!
dont be sooooo proud of what you are..
and hey!! you got the wrong person to play with!!
that's's enough..
im going to resign in a week time..
i dont think i have to face this kind of people anymore..
just a waste of time..
i rather work at other place with low salary..
everyone has their pride..
dont step on it or you'll get it back !!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


yeah today 2.30 pm im having my last payperrr!!
huuu then 3 months holiday..heaven!!!..
have a date with mak abah at home..
oww miss that moment..
and who knows i might be busy with marriage arrangement...heee..
well pray for me...
i hope this holiday would bring happiness for me...
and for u all too..
enjoy your day...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

current mood...~~~

2 heart=1
still unknown...
maybe u..maybe him..maybe nobody..


Saturday, June 2, 2012

buka mata..

lihat tak kau siapa dia
nampak tak kau mahu dia
bukan tersirat bila  mudah disingkap
jgn kau mudah percaya yang nyata
itu ada niatnya
jgn kau butakan mata
hatimu harus kau percaya
semua sama,semua serupa
tp tujunya dpn mata
harus kau dalami ertinya
jgn sampai kau leka,alpa

Monday, May 28, 2012

this guy is awesome..:)

Mat Luthfi..this guy is cool..
i like the way he deliver messages to people..check this out..
some of his videos..

he is cute.heee

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

final exam is coming!!!

24/5/12- Professional Practice-2.30 pm
27/5/12-Land Law 2-9 am
              Jurisprudence-2.30 pm
30/5/12-Evidence 1-2.30 pm
3/6/12-Evidence & Procedure of Shariah Court 1-9 am
4/6/12-Criminal Procedure Code 1-9 am
7/6/12-Civil Procedure 1-2.30 pm

hehe..ok x jadual kali ni??ok kot..cuma study ke x jela kn..
tengok cite je memanjang..hihi..

Saturday, May 5, 2012


bila ditanya tentang jodohku..
hati bisu...keliru...
xtahu apa yang ku mahu..
walau mengharap xmungkin dpt..
mungkin juga ada...
tapi mungkin juga tiada..
kata hati apa saja..
kata akal........tiada berkata-kata...
biarlah dtg bila tiba masa..
ditunggu-tunggu juga xtahu tibanya..
redha dan pasrah ketentuan Dia yang Esa...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Skor A

today this morning i went out with a guy i know from Tagged..
coincidentally because he said he was in my university, having a program.
so we met and just have a drink..talked...and then he started to promote his SKOR A
this is a kind of MLM business but it looks good because it based on education..
and even the Ministry of Education supported this .
i listened to his explanation..even it a little bit bored..
coz im not interested to join..
but just to give him opportunity to introduce this to me, i just listened..
and at the end, he persuade me to join ..for a package of RM 796..if im not mistaken..
the point is, no matter how good it is, i just have no interest ..
it is not denying this..
but to be in this program, im not ready..
he said degree cant give me guarantee to get a job later..
if i join this SKOR A, i would get a better, bright future..
yes..this also right ..i saw it..but,,
im not ready..
i have a mission, vision, a plan..of what im gonna do in my life..for my future..
yes i like business..
people said even if u have interest in doing something, that also not guarantee you can be success..
i know that to..
but for me, i have my dream..i have my way...
i dont think i will regret not to take a simple way to be rich..
i just live challenge..
and this is me..
what people said we cant follow blindly.
it is for yourself to decide..
and it is on my decision..
for you guys out there, you decide for your own benefit...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

me in 10 years

i was thinking what am i in 10 years?
am i a lawyer?
can i success in life?
am i married??to whom?
i dont know ..i just dont feel like im gonna be a lawyer for the rest of my life..
i think i want to have a business...
to be a lawyer..maybe just for a few years..
and im gonna settle down after i have some going to do a business..
what kind of business?
i love aina's business..
im thinking of be her partner..
great isnt it?
yeah..slowly i will achieve my dream..:)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

going crazy.

i stalked him..again..
i just...i dont know..
i listen to the songs..
and i can feel it...feel the
uhh stop it..
i wonder when i will stop doing this crazy thing..
maybe im just..lonely...
he's away...
but i know that's not a good reason..
come to your sense girl..
i will...i will..

Monday, April 23, 2012

trust..not something easy to give away..

yesterday was the exhausting day ever...i thought so.
i've to do 2 works at 1 time..and both were assignments that i have to submit today..
coz why?
my partner in the group did not do his part and i've to take over that.. easy to live huh..
that's why it was hard for me to trust people with work.
whenever i gave them work to do, at the end I still did the same and i would combined the work.
im afraid that he or she did not make it..
my work wouldnt perfect but at least I have a back up then right..
I dont understand n how a student can have no time to do their assignments but at the same time feel freely to join society activities..
im very happy if u can balance your life dude..
dont make other people difficult for u coz im gonna do the same if u do that to me..
you wouldnt have the marks..oppss sorry..
by the way im happy coz i got 14/15 for my land law group assignments
and 11/15 for my jurisprudence mid semester test..
well at least there's something that can make me happy.
im gonnna try hard for this semester too..
i know i can do it..
pray for me friends...:)


since u were there
i was alone... ending..

Friday, April 20, 2012

selfish..not in list..

i cant stand with people who only belong to their own groups..
not mingle around with others.. all not in my list too
how can people be so selfish..only concerned with their own matters?
people like this cant be a leader..
hey not even leader..not worth to be a friend.
coz who knows she or he could be 'musuh dlm selimut'-stab their own people..
huh..what a mess..

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

complicated life...

right now im busy doing my Investigation Paper(IP)..murder case..
given 2 weeks to finish it..but im just done the introduction part only..
doing it with my partner,Adam..
he looks okey..means..can be depend on..
well sounds pretty good to have good partner..
im also bz with my business..
im selling Tupperware..agent under my aunt..huhu..
not easy to divide time to do business and study..
im thinking to clear all the stocks before the end of this semester..
so that I can have some pocket money..
abah had complained that i spent too much lately...
yeah coz i did buy external hard disk, went out every
it's just soo stress to spend time in this room study..
i need rest..
but now he had transferred to Butterworth..
means no more date for a while..
urm....enough for the date..focus on study.. many things to do..
just do it 1 by one...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

this is life..

im kind of bz lately..
with dozens of assignment to catch up the deadline..exams..
i feel like wanna go to holiday...even just come back from holiday..haha
or maybe im just get this enough.
but life wouldnt be that easy..
u just cant hope to live easy life..
having  leisure time all the times..
can i?huhu
sometimes i feel life is too hard to get through
i wanna good life..without need to struggle soo much..
but then if i want to have that, i have to work hard now..
study hard to get a better life right..
owh been 1 year and 7 months between me and amirul...
i just dont want to remember the past..
want to forget Qai..just dont know how...
just live my life ..
hoping to have this current relationship goes well..
and my study ..
ughhhh hard to say..
sometimes have no mood ..coz soo many things to do..
being a student is hard enough..what more when work later..

Friday, March 30, 2012

far away

people never know...
and me too never want to share..
then where else should i go..
the burden in my heart seems never go away..
where else to go when home itself no longer a peace place..
the smile is not real..
the tears never want to stop..
i just can be me..
a person who tell lies in action..
i might run away..
doesnt want to face this anymore..
but where?
no one knows..
no one understand..
to let it be is not the solution..
yes im hiding myself...
i just wanna live my life..
then why should i have to face all this?
ive been test by Allah hardly this time..
i know...He never test test me if im unable to face and settle it..
i can..but deep in my heart.. im suffers...

Thursday, March 29, 2012


in my life i only hate 2 person the most..
and thanks for what u did just now..
there gone my assignment...and now i have to do it back..
in front of abah u can treat me bad..what else behind him..
fine !! what u did u will get back..
that's why your life is like but got expelled!! works but never permanent.. deserve that..

Allah knows

for whatever happen, I just can let it be..
May Allah show me the way..the best way..
coz only He knows..
and i believe.. for whatever happen..there's hikmah..
bad things happen for a me to think positive...
to ignore is not a human nature(fitrah)
but to let it be with own efforts, I think that's the best..
there's so much things to do in this world..
happiness is for us to find..

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the pain..

it's not that i dont realize..not that i dont regret..
but i still remember...
the pain is stil here..
it's not that i dont love him whom i have now..
i just cant forget Qai..
time still cant cure the pain..
cant erase the memories...
cant bring me courage to forget..
and sometimes i still become stalker..
look at his fb..the only way i can do..coz i dont want to contact him anymore..his number also gone..
there's still tears..when suddenly the memories came..
and the pictures..i still keep it..
i know i can forget him if i just erase it..but i just cant..
how stupid i am..
the worst thing to know fall in love with u..and have a broken heart because of you..


it been 6 days but i still cant finish my assignment..
why i found these soo difficult?
well coz at home, its a holiday!! haahahaaa
can i finish all these??
pray for me friends....:P

Saturday, March 10, 2012


yesterday i hang out with my friend Areda Secret Recipe..
coz i was craving for cakes..
ummphh yummy..
and i had enough with the cakes..4 slices with different flavour..
and of course i had my favourite one-blueberry cheese cake..

yeah happy2  after having stress this whole week..huh
now have to go back to campus life-study..
there's so much things to do..huhuuu

Sunday, March 4, 2012

get through...

for all the things that i've been through..i did thankful..
yes it painful but there's some happiness too.
that is life..
we can't expect more to have a perfect life..
to have everything fun,good..
coz that wouldnt make me strong at the end..
i love everyone who love me ..just ignore the one who make u feel bad..

Thursday, March 1, 2012


can i ever believe in a relationship?
would it be another betray?
could i ever be happy?
or should i just be alone?

Friday, February 24, 2012

4rd year student..

hari ni dgn rajinnya da siap sampul all statutes..
semangat la pasni nk study bila tngok cantik je buku tu..
buku2 text pun da beli..
da boleh buat nota..
hehe suka2..
sem ni agak interesting
coz would have to apply everything yg da blaja since first year..
it was not easy but then i did learning something new..
and improve myself..
hope i can perform well.
and hope this semester smuenya berjalan dgn lncar in everything...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

spent for my hobby!! reading babe..:)

ive spent rm 100 out of rm 200 of the voucher ..bought the statutes for 4th year..
all together 6 kind of statutes..
1)Evidence Act
2)Subordinate Courts Act
3)Court of Judicature Act
4) Legal Profession Act
5)Federal Territory Syariah Laws
6)Criminal Code..

the only statute that i dont have yet is Rules of High Court..out of stock..huhu
so today there was a book fair in front of the library...
i went there with Aina ..with intention to buy the statute..
but then i end up bought novels..
worth rm50..heheheee

im gonna find one right time to read these novels...
take time to enjoy ..because i read fast!!..
rm50 more...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MY mom

the best woman ever in my life is MAK..
the one who non-stop loving,caring,willing to sacrifice everything for her husband,daughters,sons..
im impressed with what u have done all this while..
no words can describe how im thankful to Allah to have Mak in my life...
im proud to be your daughter,mak..
i love my Mak..
im sure all of u also love your mother...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

selamat tinggal..

secara rasminya hari ini...
selamat tinggal tahun 3..
selamat tinggal semester yg mencabar...
semester yg byk menguji kesabaran,kesihatan...
dlm diam,pejam celik..
masuk thn 4..tahun akhir ..
tinggalkan keburukan,kelemahan sbg seorang pelajar..
buat azam baru..lebih tekad..
lebihkan rajin...kurangkn mls..
mohon doa semua..:)

p/s: nk blik muar!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

berakhir sudah..

12 hb 1 2012..berakhir sudah semester 1(2011/22012)
tamat status aku sbg pelajar thn 3..cewahh
ada setahun lg kt UIA GMBK ni..
kalau rasa kt u ni da susah,kerja nnti lg susah..
xdpt nk bygkn mcm mana nanti..
da terbyg2 kt mana aku kerja..
cita-cita nk teruskan sbg Registrar or Magistrate..
cita-cita tinggi,usaha kene lbih..
InsyaAllah dgn doa mak abah,untuk family..
cita-cita ni akan aku capai...
target nk kerja dlm 3 thn..
kumpul duit nk kahwin..heee
yelah..lama-lama tunggu nk buat apa kn?
kalau ada jodoh..insyaAllah..
huii jauh berangan..ada setahun lg..
result exam ni pun xtw lg..hhuhuu
tp biasa la kn..
angan-angan jgn hangat tahi ayam..
biar ada usaha nmpak hasilnya..

p/s: dlm debar menanti hari esok..suatu pertemuan....:)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

rindukan ..

hari ni baru je lpas paper Public International Law 2..
masa menjawab 2.45 sampai lah 5.45 pm..
nmpak mcm lama sgt tp x ye..xcukup masa...
walaupun masuk klas exam rasa mcm xde ckup ilmu di dada, bila tngok soalan rasa mcm nk muntahkan semua yg da xde la perfect sgt pun jwpn tu..
ada la lompong sana sini..
dgn byk nama kes yg xingat..section xtahu la cukup ke tak..
tp sekurang-kurangnya da buaat yg termampu..
ok xsuka exam waktu ptg..sgt xsesuai..otak xfresh...
abes exam rasa sgt pening kepala..
ni mesti gara-gara jwb exam di ptg hari..
sampai sekarang terasa lg sakit kepala..
time sakit mcm ni lau dekat rumah seronoknya..
boleh bermanja dgn mak..huhu
rindu kt mak..
nk mengada dgn Qai,dia xbls msg pun..hukhuk...
ye terasa bz mmg cmtu...
yke awk bz??huhu..bersangka buruk plak..
erm..sakit2 pun leyh wat entry baru kn..hihi
ok la drpd nk mngadap buku.lg xlarat..
hrp2 jap lg da ok...
byk lg nk cover untuk final nih...
next paper..cOmpany Law 2...
xberapa sush kot..haha..
insyaAllah..leyh wat..

Sunday, January 1, 2012

tahun baru..

ya hari ini 1 jan 2012..bermula episod baru dalam hidup ini..
seorang insan dhaif lg kerdil..
permulaan tahun ini kuharap lebih bermakna dr thun lepas..
jika disingkap kembali memori tahun 2011 rasanya lebih pahit dari manisnya..
tapi selaku insan yang lemah,segala kepahitan yg telah berlalu xdpt dikenang lagi..
diri ini short term memory rasanya...huhu..
apapun tahun baru ini,aku berazam..
1)nk rajin belajar..wat notes awl2
2)xnk jadi emosional..xnk lyn perasaan sgt..
3)nk jd lebih berjimat..(sblum ni boros sikit bab shopping)..
4)nk jd budak baik..lebih baik dari sebelumnya
5)nk maintain berat bdn..hehee

ok semoga tercapai..insyaAllah...hidup ni tak tahu berapa lama lagi..lebih baik hargai sisa-sisa yg ada...