Friday, September 19, 2014

that feeling...

walau berapa kali kau putus..
walau berapa kali kau rasa sakitnya ditinggalkan meninggalkan..
walau berapa kali kau kata xmngkin kau nak rasa apa kau pernah ada..
walau berapa kali kau kata kau xkn xmngkin ada perasaan yg sama..
kau tetap akan jatuh..
jatuh hati..
mata buta semua nmpak indah belaka..
kan dah kata..
jodoh tu kau xmngkin boleh baca..
dan apa aku ada kini..
entah kekal entah tidak..
kadang ada bisik setan menghasut jahat..
suruh kau fikir yg bukan-bukan ..
walau kau percaya jgn semua..
dan bkn sepanjang masa kau rasa bahagia..
takde apa yang sempurna..
hati tetap sama..
satu hati yg entah berapa kali hancur kau cantum semula..

Sunday, April 20, 2014

you can always choose to be happy..

next May, i'll be working at the firm in Muar..
alhamdulillah..go back to my feeling grateful.
the offer is not bad..and what important is it is a Malay firm..handle by the Muslim..
more comfortable to be there...
but im going to be in conveyancing department..
something that I have less knowledge..
thinking about it, we are born to what's the fear?
I know I can do it..
if u dont go through it, if u dont accept the challenge, u dont know where u stand..
take it or leave it..:)
well, i hope everything is gonna be okay,great..
finally, im a Legal Assistant..a Lawyer..
still cant believe it..
coz i just follow the flow.
but to follow, there are many difficulties that I have to go through..
and now Im here..
the reality is nothing is easy babe..
fall and rise..
show your strength..improve your weakness..
ok then..

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

penghuni hati itu siapa

aku tunggu..
aku doa..
tapi kalau bkn dia yg ditetapkan maka xkn jd juga..
siapalah aku mahu paksakan..
relakan yg pergi...
tak..bukan xcuba..
tapi masih ada rasa..
dan masih ..masih menunggu..
mungkin si A..mngkin si K..mngkin juga si dia..
pergi kejap dtg..kemudian sepi dan dtg lg..
belum pasti...

my career..

after long call, I thought that I would stay at my previous firm..
Unfortunately, they dont need me because of their financial problem..
I was so sad because I already reject the other offers..
a week later I go attending an interview at Malacca..So they offer me and here I am..
I join a firm in Malacca..doing accident cases...
however, Im under probation for 3 months..
So i rent a room..staying with other 4 ( UITM students)..
urghhhh a big mistake..
they're okay in the sense that we dont mind others business...
but I cant stand it when they make a noise around 3-4 am...what the fish!!
I hate noise..especially when im asleep..yeah..
and so my not happy here..i tried..
having 2 boss makes me says says that..
and they push u to work until late but cant claim OT.
what a mess..
i cant stand I start search for a new firm..
owh yeah I got a call for an interview next week..
wish me luck .I want to go back to my hometown..
I want to be nearer with my family..
staying at Malacca makes me feel lonely..makes me miserable..
I hate that feeling..
I hate not enjoying work..
so let's see if I got the offer...

Thursday, January 16, 2014

my 2014

im thinking that i should be more serious about my career..
i should have a stable one..
well im actively involve in business and legal career too..
too exhausted..but i really enjoy doing business more than being a legal assistant..
maybe because there's less challenge in cases i handle..
banking litigation -bored..
yeah i do handle general litigation..but i dont have heart doing it..urghhhh..
i think i want to change going to do conveyancing..
but can i? i've no experience in it..but im currently looking forward to it...
i want to change my status..single to engaged/married...but ...
i dont know...i have to wait till when? got no answer to it..
but i know i've to have a stable life first before having a family...
family comes with responsibilities..
i pray to Allah and hoping that i get enough love from Him ..that's more important right?