Thursday, January 16, 2014

my 2014

im thinking that i should be more serious about my career..
i should have a stable one..
well im actively involve in business and legal career too..
too exhausted..but i really enjoy doing business more than being a legal assistant..
maybe because there's less challenge in cases i handle..
banking litigation -bored..
yeah i do handle general litigation..but i dont have heart doing it..urghhhh..
i think i want to change going to do conveyancing..
but can i? i've no experience in it..but im currently looking forward to it...
i want to change my status..single to engaged/married...but ...
i dont know...i have to wait till when? got no answer to it..
but i know i've to have a stable life first before having a family...
family comes with responsibilities..
i pray to Allah and hoping that i get enough love from Him ..that's more important right?

Saturday, January 11, 2014

si hati yg rapuh...

mlm ini sejuk...
kaku tulang temulang walau ditemani susu cklat panas..
dan dlm hati ada rindu..
mnggunung singgah xdijemput..
pdhl da mnolak...
xmahu..xnk jatuh ..kesal dah pernah tersungkur..
kesal biarkan hati diambil dibuang sesuka hati..
aku tak mahu kutip sisa-sisa hati itu..
aku kumpul, pinjam hati yg baru..
aku xpinta..
dia..dia yg hulurkn ..pinjmkn kekuatan..
dan mlm ini aku rindu..
rindu pd pemilik hati..
jauh.kamu jauh..
rindu..aku rindu..