Saturday, September 22, 2012

dont be greedy..

never be greedy..
bear in mind-practising sedeqah can guarantee a good life..
in fact, when u are actually in a financial difficulties and thinking that nothing can help u,do more sedeqah..
because your property will increase..your rezeki would always be there as you have been blessed by ALLAH for your good deed..
believe me that being greedy brings you nothing..
maybe just satisfaction for what u have in your possession as others may have nothing..
not only sedeqah in terms of money or property but in seeking knowledge..
helping your friends in work or study also a sedeqah..
simple right?
the more u give, u can get more rewards from Allah...

Monday, September 10, 2012

my final semester

im now in my final semester...4rd year student..
it feels like a dream..
it's like yesterday that i registered in this university and suddenly here i semester..
i've learnt a lot..experienced different things.
i hope to perform well this time..
i passed all subjects in the last semester final exam..
alhamdulillah...really thankful to ALLAH.. consider what i should be in the future..
in the government or private sector..a lawyer or other profession..
everything i do..i hope can contribute to my's for them..
my father and my mother smile is the most important thing for me..
i want them to be happy and it is okay if i have to work hard..
coz i love them..
very much...
may ALLAH bless me..aminn...