Wednesday, May 29, 2013

the real me..

people might see me tough and strong ..
yes i am..but sometimes i cry..
i cry because that is the only way for me to express my ease the burden in my heart..
people dont know..they can just talk..
i miss aina..aini..ita..kak da...
they are the best listener..the best when i need someone to talk to..
but now i just cry in silence..
and here..i can write anything i wanted to..
so plis..dont judge me..u dont know me...
but im thankful that i can still feel happy with what i have.even though it doesnt perfect..
i feel like im the mother, im the father..but u know what?
im tired..exhausted..
sometimes i just dont want to think about others..
i just want to think about myself..
to do everything just to please myself..
but my responsibilities are to big.
im handling this myself..
and again..people dont know..
im still like other teenagers who want to enjoy the life..
but i cant..
i cry..always cry..
but it makes me stronger...independent..
and i hope i will be truly happy 1 day..
be loved and feel love..

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