Tuesday, September 17, 2013

love is..

what is love...
u cant expect to have a happy ending love story everytime you're in love..
there should be some fight..some disagreement..some hate..some pain..agreed?
coz a sweet and a happy love story only exist in a dream..what a childish wish ...
face the reality people..
when there's fight,actually u train yourself how to face the situation..
how to be patient with your spouse, how to handle him/her..
never let your emotions to take over yourself (like im always do..haha)..
it makes u understand him/her better..isnt it?
if it is real love and you two are meant to be, you two will always be together..
i believe in us..i believe we will be together..
why i believe so?
because if u want it to be true,  u have to make it true..
if u want him/her to be yours, stay ,hold on and catch what u want..

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