Tuesday, October 29, 2013

a lawyer..

my friend once told me i've the confident face..
huahaa actually i have to be confident to face all the people at the court..
you have to looks confident.but with knowledge larh..not coming empty hand or you will be finished!!
thanks to my master for forcing me to do all the cases..exhausted!! but it was fun..
you get to know different people..make friends..hey be polite even though they are not..
err truth is i hate the woman at the payment counter.she'a act like a diva..pleaseeeee..
im give up make the smile face and thath litle2 talk..she doesnt respond nicely..
seriously im the kind that ignoring the people who doesnt respect me ok..
i dont need that people..whatever...
right now im going to go after my dreams..later my love life..hihii..
catch one by one okay...
i have 2 years before my big day..hee..insyaAllah..
may Allah make it easy for me..but..if it is not, it is okay..i know i can go through it...

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