Thursday, January 16, 2014

my 2014

im thinking that i should be more serious about my career..
i should have a stable one..
well im actively involve in business and legal career too..
too exhausted..but i really enjoy doing business more than being a legal assistant..
maybe because there's less challenge in cases i handle..
banking litigation -bored..
yeah i do handle general litigation..but i dont have heart doing it..urghhhh..
i think i want to change going to do conveyancing..
but can i? i've no experience in it..but im currently looking forward to it...
i want to change my status..single to engaged/married...but ...
i dont know...i have to wait till when? got no answer to it..
but i know i've to have a stable life first before having a family...
family comes with responsibilities..
i pray to Allah and hoping that i get enough love from Him ..that's more important right?

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