Tuesday, April 8, 2014

my career..

after long call, I thought that I would stay at my previous firm..
Unfortunately, they dont need me because of their financial problem..
I was so sad because I already reject the other offers..
a week later I go attending an interview at Malacca..So they offer me and here I am..
I join a firm in Malacca..doing accident cases...
however, Im under probation for 3 months..
So i rent a room..staying with other 4 ( UITM students)..
urghhhh a big mistake..
they're okay in the sense that we dont mind others business...
but I cant stand it when they make a noise around 3-4 am...what the fish!!
I hate noise..especially when im asleep..yeah..
and so my workplace..im not happy here..i tried..
having 2 boss makes me suffer..one says this..one says that..
and they push u to work until late but cant claim OT.
what a mess..
i cant stand it..so I start search for a new firm..
owh yeah I got a call for an interview next week..
wish me luck .I want to go back to my hometown..
I want to be nearer with my family..
staying at Malacca makes me feel lonely..makes me miserable..
I hate that feeling..
I hate not enjoying work..
so let's see if I got the offer...

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