Tuesday, November 29, 2011

owh there goes my lunch..

well actually today i was busy editing my blog page...huhu..yeah spend lot of time on this..but at last, nothing appeared as i forgot to save the changes i made!!! kakakaaa..
whatever.. well so i decide to just eat my lovely sweet bread..wholegrain gardenia..
im having my diet ok..
i was to eager to eat this with hot tea..
wow! so wonderful..then i saw that 'kulat' !!!! waghhhh!!..
stresss..ok im hungry right now..just having tiger biscuits..with my sweet hot tea..
ok after my Public International Law class im gonna have nasi lemak i guess..
huh..its ok..still within my diet menu..hahahaaa..
well the lesson here is that..just go check for your food before u plan to having it ok guys..
see you..i've to get ready for the class at 3..
sooo lazy to go..but ..well i have to..

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