Friday, March 30, 2012

far away

people never know...
and me too never want to share..
then where else should i go..
the burden in my heart seems never go away..
where else to go when home itself no longer a peace place..
the smile is not real..
the tears never want to stop..
i just can be me..
a person who tell lies in action..
i might run away..
doesnt want to face this anymore..
but where?
no one knows..
no one understand..
to let it be is not the solution..
yes im hiding myself...
i just wanna live my life..
then why should i have to face all this?
ive been test by Allah hardly this time..
i know...He never test test me if im unable to face and settle it..
i can..but deep in my heart.. im suffers...

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