Sunday, July 1, 2012


currently i was working as a cashier at.......
cant mention..hee..
well, it's a great experience to have except on the part where you will get upset easily with the customer..
"can i have another plastic bag?".."hey dont put this here ...bla..bla..bla...."
i hate it when it goes like that..
and the worst part was when people dont know how to treat and talk nicely to others...
i cant tolerate it anymore especially when this girl criticize me in front of customers..for what i didnt do..
hey step just the sales assistant!!
dont be sooooo proud of what you are..
and hey!! you got the wrong person to play with!!
that's's enough..
im going to resign in a week time..
i dont think i have to face this kind of people anymore..
just a waste of time..
i rather work at other place with low salary..
everyone has their pride..
dont step on it or you'll get it back !!

1 comment:

  1. ha3 try jd cleaner lah kak...lagi stress taw orang pandang rendah je