Tuesday, December 6, 2011

have no guts to do..

i dont know..i just have no guts to call,to text u..
my patient is dropping down right now..
i need a person who can always be by my side..
the one who i can share my story with..
my happiness ..my sadness..
it was just the love that hold me to stick with u..
and it was me who made this decision..just blame myself..
well love is blind..and always do..
no matter how its seems so wrong..
should i stand still...
or should i move on..
maybe it still early to think and to decide...
i dont know..
maybe im not in a position to decide...
im always wrong...
how can it be right..
i feel guilty everytime i text u..well im pampered girl...
always want to text...im afraid that would disturb u..
maybe im the 1 who should change..
its gonna be so difficult...

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