Wednesday, April 4, 2012

this is life..

im kind of bz lately..
with dozens of assignment to catch up the deadline..exams..
i feel like wanna go to holiday...even just come back from holiday..haha
or maybe im just get this enough.
but life wouldnt be that easy..
u just cant hope to live easy life..
having  leisure time all the times..
can i?huhu
sometimes i feel life is too hard to get through
i wanna good life..without need to struggle soo much..
but then if i want to have that, i have to work hard now..
study hard to get a better life right..
owh been 1 year and 7 months between me and amirul...
i just dont want to remember the past..
want to forget Qai..just dont know how...
just live my life ..
hoping to have this current relationship goes well..
and my study ..
ughhhh hard to say..
sometimes have no mood ..coz soo many things to do..
being a student is hard enough..what more when work later..

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