Saturday, July 13, 2013

dream come true...

slm ramadhan..
finally i got my own quite satisfied with it.well even though this is not my dream car...
at least i have one for now..
even though there's voice here and there questioning about it..
why u bought that and not the other one..why u this..that..urghhh..
people dont know what i've been through to get this car..
except my close friend...not easy ok...first time handling such thing..
but alhamdulillah..Allah helps me..
tq to everyone who helps me in the process of getting this car..
so i already had a motorcycle..and a car..under my name..
good..but yeah..after this i have to cut my expenses..
no more shopping online crazily like before..
no more secret recipe and pizza more lepak2 at mamak..
i mean..cannot every week..huhu..
maybe twice a month..hehee..
whatever it responsibility is getting bigger..
hope everything is gonna be fine..
the other thing to worry about is my result for ethic course exam..
pray for me to pass ok?

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