Wednesday, April 18, 2012

complicated life...

right now im busy doing my Investigation Paper(IP)..murder case..
given 2 weeks to finish it..but im just done the introduction part only..
doing it with my partner,Adam..
he looks okey..means..can be depend on..
well sounds pretty good to have good partner..
im also bz with my business..
im selling Tupperware..agent under my aunt..huhu..
not easy to divide time to do business and study..
im thinking to clear all the stocks before the end of this semester..
so that I can have some pocket money..
abah had complained that i spent too much lately...
yeah coz i did buy external hard disk, went out every
it's just soo stress to spend time in this room study..
i need rest..
but now he had transferred to Butterworth..
means no more date for a while..
urm....enough for the date..focus on study.. many things to do..
just do it 1 by one...

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