Monday, April 23, 2012

trust..not something easy to give away..

yesterday was the exhausting day ever...i thought so.
i've to do 2 works at 1 time..and both were assignments that i have to submit today..
coz why?
my partner in the group did not do his part and i've to take over that.. easy to live huh..
that's why it was hard for me to trust people with work.
whenever i gave them work to do, at the end I still did the same and i would combined the work.
im afraid that he or she did not make it..
my work wouldnt perfect but at least I have a back up then right..
I dont understand n how a student can have no time to do their assignments but at the same time feel freely to join society activities..
im very happy if u can balance your life dude..
dont make other people difficult for u coz im gonna do the same if u do that to me..
you wouldnt have the marks..oppss sorry..
by the way im happy coz i got 14/15 for my land law group assignments
and 11/15 for my jurisprudence mid semester test..
well at least there's something that can make me happy.
im gonnna try hard for this semester too..
i know i can do it..
pray for me friends...:)

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