Sunday, April 29, 2012

Skor A

today this morning i went out with a guy i know from Tagged..
coincidentally because he said he was in my university, having a program.
so we met and just have a drink..talked...and then he started to promote his SKOR A
this is a kind of MLM business but it looks good because it based on education..
and even the Ministry of Education supported this .
i listened to his explanation..even it a little bit bored..
coz im not interested to join..
but just to give him opportunity to introduce this to me, i just listened..
and at the end, he persuade me to join ..for a package of RM 796..if im not mistaken..
the point is, no matter how good it is, i just have no interest ..
it is not denying this..
but to be in this program, im not ready..
he said degree cant give me guarantee to get a job later..
if i join this SKOR A, i would get a better, bright future..
yes..this also right ..i saw it..but,,
im not ready..
i have a mission, vision, a plan..of what im gonna do in my life..for my future..
yes i like business..
people said even if u have interest in doing something, that also not guarantee you can be success..
i know that to..
but for me, i have my dream..i have my way...
i dont think i will regret not to take a simple way to be rich..
i just live challenge..
and this is me..
what people said we cant follow blindly.
it is for yourself to decide..
and it is on my decision..
for you guys out there, you decide for your own benefit...

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